Yemi et Solape

Countdown – 19th January, 2023 

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The Blessing

His Story ~ Solape


I was one of the senior boys in MBHS being selected to go represent the school at MGHS. I arrived a little earlier than my colleagues then I decided to hang somewhere till they arrive.  All dapper and smooth, I knew the girls were eyeing me 😆.  Alex! a sweet gentle voice called. (I never imagined that anyone would know me or my name here) so i turned and more surprised was I when i saw her waving at me. Ahn ahn Wunmi’s sister, so this is your school (acting like I don’t know her name, meanwhile was excited to see her. My usual shakara around girls, overfresh been dey worry me back then). She smiled and left. Watching her leave was the hardest part of the day. I’ve known her from children class in church but she isn’t frequent cos she doesn’t live closeby. Nevertheless, Watching her walk away was when it hit me that I have a feeling for her. I actually cannot remember the rest of this day clearly because I spent the entire day thinking about her even at home. Since then it became regular for me to always hope I see her in church. Whenever I see her, I begin to form soft. In my mind I do esteem her so much but don’t want to be turned down if i make advances. For my mind i be fine boy na, So I shouldn’t be the one making advances nau. She too would always appear like she’s not so into me other than ‘just church friends’ while i burn inside,  wishing she could see how much i desire her. At some point we were both members of the church choir. All i needed was this lady to just flash me small say she dey trip for me. No way o. Mama is always neutral. We seldom talk, i form big boy and she acts indifferent. After several breakfasts here and there, then i summoned courage one day to go confront her and tell her how i feel. Las las she will say yes or no but my confidence disappeared at the last minute. All I did was hiss and nod on my way back home. Hard guy hard guy I no fit toast my one true desire. 

Again I summoned courage. This time I wan use scope catch this fish. My scope no still work but at least i stylishly passed my message. So I kept on lurking and checking on her as often as i could until communication became very little. It got to a point in my life when I said to myself that I have just one last relationship left in me. But as i dey try e no work. E com dey turn prayer point. I took a prayer walk on a cool evening when i started praying in my spirit asking God if it was my destiny to be single (Baba make i know so I go kuku lock up cos i don even nickname myself pope but nobody knew why i was calling myself pope) Then Yah-Weh spoke, reminded me of every word that He said to me concerning my marriage and partner few years ago. He told me to be patient that I am not alone as the person he has prepared for me is already in my life and has always been (Isaiah 55 vs 11). The next time i spoke with Yemi, we started from chatting to phone call then i heard a voice audibly, telling me this is your last chance take it. I understood that voice clearly and as a sabi boy, I no dull myself. I spoke with so much confidence that even Yemi would wonder why i am being so affirmative. What i went searching for in Sokoto had been in my Sokoto all along. I’ve found my soulmate in my friend. 

Mon cœur, Ma chérie, Mon amour.

Her Story ~ Yemi


Considering my distance to school, I had to live away from my siblings for a while. I usually visit during holidays and sometimes weekends. Whenever I visit, I follow them to church, therefore, I knew him from there. One beautiful day, I saw him in my school compound (MGHS) walking about, looking very shy. I told a classmate that I know that boy and I think he is shy, maybe he’s looking for someone or something . As an excuse to relieve him from the tension he might be going through, I called his name but only for him to call me Wunmi’s sister 🫨(I thought to myself ‘he doesn’t know my name’, how nice!. Then he must have felt I was a junior student oh well, I was still wearing the junior girl gown, so that explains it. Albeit, he was my senior cos I had just become a senior while it was his last year as a senior. Well i greeted him and walked away. It was Tourist club induction. All through the event at the school hall, I could clearly see him staring at me or looking around to find me whenever I wasn’t in sight. After school, I moved back to the area, and I started attending church fully with my siblings. I had people walking up to me, but I noticed this boy won’t let me be with the way he stares at me every time. I always catch him staring at me, trying to get close to me but will never say anything about how he feels. We casually speak but nothing too serious. I was going to get a phone one day at the mall, he offered to come with me. I knew he was up to something but I kept cool, very little smile all through. It went on that way for years. This man will always look for the slightest opportunity to get close to me, would make sure he invites me and a few others to join him for a music group that he attends. Another time he offered to teach me how to play drums, I got drumsticks and he would teach me for a while, yet he just won’t let me be with his gaze and utter silence most times. One day he came to visit at our house back then, first thing he said was that he came to check on my sister, she wasn’t home, but he won’t leave, kept fidgeting, going back and forth, sometimes he’ll stutter, and I could sense he had something to say but you know I wouldn’t help him say what it is he had to say, but I was wondering why he is unable to talk. I admire him as a person but that day, I sensed I might have  feelings for him, but I quickly discarded the thought. I walked him to the bus stop and watched him leave. Another day, he called, telling me about someone who is interested in me, asking me if i had noticed him but I said no, of course the person in question had made some indirect advances at several times. It sounded like Alex was asking me out for another person. When he saw that i wasn’t interested in the other person, then he said actually he likes me but he doesn’t think that I’ll like him too and maybe he’s not my kind of guy. I was quite confused but I didn’t say a word on that. We kept on communicating and he’ll always check on me or try to get me to talk to him. Then I received a call one day from someone accusing me about something I didn’t understand anything about, before I could say anything I heard Alex collect the phone and apologized then he ended the call. He never called back to say anything about it, nor did he call back to apologize. Instead, he often sends texts asking about my well-being. I was upset but I kept on replying to him politely.  FAST FORWARD>>> I was viewing whatsapp status of my contacts when I saw his video, ahn ahn, brother Alex of God, what is this? Our ACM/Music director, MOG. Abi you have join bad geng? Puzzled by his post I sent him exactly this phrase “beautiful man”. Then he replied, he was such a clown, we kept talking, reflected on what happened the other time and how I got upset. He was really sorry. After explaining what really happened to me, he apologized and sincerely I could feel his genuine remorse. We kept talking, he always has been sincere and polite with people, the communication went on and got interesting until Baba decided to add fire. BOOM!!! Yemi this Yemi that, let me not cast his wooing skills 🤣, It felt so thrilling and truly amusing when I hear him express his feelings. He was very direct this time(very unlike him) but charming. Although I have always admired him, and i know that I might have developed feelings for him over the years but I have never been a fan of light skinned guys. Nevertheless, right before Alex eventually expressed himself, God had revealed my husband to me, though his face was not clearly visible, yet I could tell that he has a fair complexion. I was already looking out for who that man could be. Honestly, fair guys indeed approached but something ends up not being right, until Alex spoke up. The conviction was there!  Apparently He is that man, my man.

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Love, turning two reflections into one. Both staring at each other but all they see is beauty in each other. Two hearts designed for each other, the one completes the other. That’s a match made from heaven. That is YEStobliss forever!!!

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